Vampire Vape - Koncept XIX 60ml

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Koncept XIX by Vampire Vape
The entire collection has been made using nothing but premium ingredients. All of the flavours are an 70VG/30PG mix. Flavours include:

Poley Rolly- One for the childhood memories. Poley Rolly brings back that warm jam pudding roll that we all loved! Oh, don't forget the smooth yellow custard that coated this proper British pudding!

Pie Eyed- Nostalgia chasers, this one is for you. A flaky pie crust taken straight out the oven - packed with a sweet lemon tang. Take a true nostalgic trip with this recipe straight out of Nana's old cookbook!

Kool Kick- Just imagine a lemon in sunglasses! A lemon can't really get much cooler - unless it's squeezed into this mouth-wateringly stunning liquid. Careful though, this will knock you off your feet!