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NOTNICK is a natural plant based alternative to nicotine.

Available in 60ml size, 100mg strength and in 50% vegetable glycerin, 50% propylene glycol.

NOTNICK is a natural plant extract which was discovered to have a similar molecular buildup to nicotine but obviously IT IS NOT NICOTINE.

NOTNICK works as a alternative and is almost the same sensation as using nicotine.

Disclaimer-  By choosing to use NOTNICK, you the customer/consumer do so at your own risk. Vape station holds no responsibility for the use/misuse of this product or any outcome that is health related. By using NOTNICK you do so under your own advice and will not hold Vape Station responsible if the product does not work.

NOTNICK has been extensively tested overseas with and independent laboratory with very favorable results. Also known as nonic, NoNick etc. 

Vape Station has exclusive rights in Australia.  Available for retail and wholesale.